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Thursday, December 3, 2015

Holy Toledo!

On Saturday, the 28th of November, Preston, Angelo and I got on a train from Madrid and went to Toledo. I had driven up from Belmonte on the bike the previous day to visit friends in Madrid as I would do many times in the coming months. The train ride from Atocha was nice and only took about 20 minutes. After we got off the train, we talked to some people at the station about a bus into town but ended up just walking in since it wasn't very far.

The walk took us along a beautiful river on a trail that led us into the city. We soon arrived at a bridge and saw a castle up on a hill opposite the city center and decided to have a look. Well, the castle was pretty neat but, as it turns out, it was actually serving as a youth hostel. Still, we were able to get some pretty good photos from up there. After coming back down and crossing the bridge, we came to the entrance through the old city walls. As we entered we saw some holes above our heads which, according to Preston, were for pouring hot oil on invading forces. We climbed up the walls and walked along until we found a view of the hostel we had visited on the other side.

We ate lunch on the walls and then made our way into the city center. There we went through the busy tourist areas, saw the Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo and wandered through many narrow alleys as we finished our visit to the place that most of us know as "Holy Toledo!"


  1. what is the meaning of "Holy Toledo" ?

    1. Double meaning. Refers to both the city itself and "OMG!"