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Friday, August 20, 2010

Ancient Shenanigans

Scotland Tour Day 3:
Our first stop today was Skara Brae and Skaill House. Skara Brae is a group of 5000 year old dwellings which provide some of the best insight on ancient living.
Skaill House was the home of the man who unearthed Skara Brae and is now a museum of local history.
On the way to our next stop we went to the cliffs to take in some scenery.
Next we went to the Ring of Brodgar and the Standing Stones of Stenness. 
Both are circular groups of standing stones like Stonehenge but without the lintels.
Finally we went over to the Tomb of Maeshowe. Over the years vikings have broken into the tomb to drink and write angry runic graffiti all over the walls. The first time they did this they were trapped inside but managed to break out through the roof then, as the graffiti suggests, they returned and did more drinking. 
Drenched from a torrential downpour we went back to Kirkwall and had some fish and chips at Skippers for Annalise's birthday then stopped in at the Auld Motorhoose to play some darts. On the way back to the hostel our guide Stevie insisted on stopping for Kebabs which resulted in us missing curfew and being locked out. Fortunately Stevie found an open window just big enough for him to slide in and open the door for us.

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