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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Scotland Tour Day 1:

Today I joined the group on a yellow air force training target for the first day of the "Orkney Raider" tour. According to our guide the Royal Air Force likes to use our bus to train pilots by having them find and lock onto our bright yellow bus.

Soon after we left Edinburgh we arrived at Dunkeld where we visited a local cathedral.

Next we went to "The Hermitage" - once home of hermits and currently home of the biggest tree in the UK.

After the Hermitage we went to Ruthven for the Barracks.

Finally we went to Culloden where we learned about the Battle of Culloden.

The French set up a campaign to attack London from the South while the Scots attacked from the North. Bonnie (pretty boy) Prince Charley lead the Scottish campaign forcing all of the tribes to join by attacking them into submission. After gaining all of the Scottish tribes Prince Charley lead the Northern attack only to stop before London. A force of 9,500 English stood against the 5,000 Scots which wouldn't have been a problem if the English hadn't tricked the Scots with propaganda leading everyone to believe that the English had twice as many as they actually did. So the Scots retreated and were pursued by the English resulting in the battle of Culloden. Meanwhile the French had also received propaganda stating that the campaign had been called off so London, while undefended, was left completely alone. Back at the Battle of Culloden the English wiped out the Scots and enslaved the survivors. Some Scots escaped to other countries - primarily Nova Scotia or "New Scotland" in Canada.
That night we checked into our YHA Hostel and headed over to a place called Hootinanny for Thai food, drinks and live music.

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