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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Flying and Crashing


On my way to the Land of Ire the first plane gave me a seat with more room and two extra seats allowing me to lay back, strech my legs out, and watch a movie all the way to Toronto.
The second plane fueled the wrong tank so we were delayed a bit while they worked to switch the fuel to the correct tank. They had extra food and asked me if I wanted seconds and, of course, I happily accepted. During that flight I met a nice couple who then paid for our taxi to Temple Bar.

After arriving I headed over to Citi Bar and Club for some delicious Bangers & Mash (sausage and mash potatoes) and a Bulmers Cider. Next I walked around looking at some of the old buildings.

I got hungry again so I ate at a place called "Gruel" where they're family run, use ingredients from the market and serve fresh baked bread. Then I went to the Old Jameson Distillery for a sample.

Finally I walked to Dame Street for a haircut then crashed back at my room only to be awakened a few hours later to go on a pub crawl. At about 3a I grabbed a bite to eat at Hungry Harry with some other pub crawlers and headed back to the hostel.


Today I made breakfast for myself and a friend using the hostel kitchen. He told me about his travels around Europe over the last 82 days (70 days longer than initially planned). Apparently he was beaten and robbed while on the islands of Bizo off the coast of Spain but still continued to travel. After eating we decided to go check out the Guiness Factory.

The Guiness Factory was quite large and had some pretty massive "Coppers" which hold 600 barrels or 172,800 pints!

At the end of the tour we went to the top and had a couple pints overlooking the city.
After the Guiness Factory we went to Citi again where I had another plate of corned beef with Bangers and Mash. I was so tired that I kept passing out mid-sentence so after Citi I went back to the hostel and passed out cold.

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