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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Ireland, Thanks For All the Guinness!


Today I went on the Whiskey Factory tour where we saw different stages in the production of Irish whiskey.

The factory used some very large distilling equipment.

The whiskey is aged in barrels (color changing over time) for seven years because, as the Jameson motto goes, "not a drop is sold 'till it's seven years old."

At the end of the tour I got to be one of the tasters and received a certification for being a participant. Afterward two German fellas told me about a free Pub Crawl that night. After the tour I headed over to the Mess RS pub for the crawl. During the crawl we went to a pub where they gave us free shots and another where they have beer pong in the basement. Along the way I had my first creeper moment in Europe as a strange girl tried to lure me away from the group. No doubt we would end up down some dark alley where a gang would be waiting to mug me.. no thanks.

Today I paid the hostel five euro so I could stay in 'till 1p then packed up and headed for the bus to the airport.

On the plane ride over to Edinburgh I met a local named Peter and he told me how to get to my hostel and how much the bus would cost. In Edinburgh I found my hostel where I met some Spanish people and we all went out. I got some practice speaking Spanish over a few drinks as I tried to keep up with the quick dialect - a preview of things to come when I get to Spain.

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