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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Stream Trekking

On Saturday, May 13th, Chu Sum and I met up with Jurgen to go stream trekking. Chu Sum has been meeting up with local trekking groups for walks up and down Hong Kong rivers for about a year now. He really likes it a lot so he took us to a spot that he had been looking into.

After visiting with more of Hong Kong's wild cows, we took a dip in a rock pool and began the trek. Pretty much right from the start we realized that we couldn't take two steps without running face-first into spider webs. The air was thick with them. Nevertheless, we continued until we found some good rocks to jump off of. The best part wasn't until the end though where we found a really nice pool and a tree to jump off of. The water was also much warmer by this point.

As we left, we said goodbye to the cows, monkeys and other wildlife as well as some cosplay people dressed as anime characters. Cosplay is a pretty big deal in Hong Kong from what I have seen and heard.

As it started to rain I felt really happy to be in Hong Kong where that's actually a good feeling (due to the warm, humid climate). That evening we went out for dinner to celebrate Mother's Day with Chu Sum's mom.

Then, while Chu Sum worked on a project back at the house, I went to see my old colleague Jo. We spent some time hanging out with some of his friends talking about all our experiences teaching in Hong Kong. He had finally had some success with getting registered after so many years of being rejected because of his three-year degree. This was hard to believe because, while he had studied education, I was qualified on the basis of having done four years in a field that was irrelevant! Anyway, during our conversation I found out about a little job lead of my own - teaching online through a local company. Seems I'll be able to continue working in Hong Kong after all!

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