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Wednesday, September 9, 2009


This morning we got up at 6:50a to get on a boat to Turkey. When we arrived we had to give up our passports for the duration and, as we boarded the bus to Ephesus, our guide began the tour.

On the way our guide described some major factors of the Turkish economy naming agriculture as the primary industry. In Ephesus our guide showed us many places, such as the Council Chamber - Odeion, the Gate of Heracles, the Pollio Fountain, the Temple of Domitian, the Fountain of Trajan and the Terrace Houses.

The Terrace Houses were built for the wealthiest Ephesians - architects and others valued by the Roman Empire. The paths have glass walkways and the facility itself is roofed all at a total expense of seven million lira/dollars (not sure which) to protect the ongoing restoration project.

Next we visited the Library of Celcus - a hero shrine or "heroon" built in 135 AD.

Finally we stopped in at the Ephesus Theater, an auditorium still used today for music concerts.

After the tour we went to a souvenir area where I haggled with a local to buy a plaque for 15 euros, looking back I probably could have given it a little more effort. From there we went for lunch and I had a kebab followed by some Baklava. Finally, after walking around town a bit, we got our passports and hopped on the boat ride back to Samos.

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