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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sailing the Aegean


For the morning yoga session we recalled poses from the monastery and created routines based on them. In our studio session we painted and posted the results on the wall and for our evening session we sketched some perspectives.


In today's morning session we created group routines with our gestures and stances from the monestary. In the studio session we drew positive and negative space with charcoal and had the rest of the day off. While walking to the beach I saw what appeared to be a wild fire - one of many that Greece experiences every year.

In the evening we went swimming in the moonlight and launched each other into the air.


Today we got up at 8a to go sailing. After we set off captain Pano climbed up on the main mast and took some photos of us.

He was really quite a character - always hanging off the boat and insulting waiters on their "plastic" potatoes...

Before lunch we stopped off in a bay to go swimming in an really cool cove.

Next we went to a small town where we enjoyed a feast of delicious lamb, wine and fried potatoes.

 As the evening approached, and we worked our way back towards Pythagoreio, the weather picked up.

The front of the boat began to jump at which point I would too giving me a few seconds of hang time as I fell with the boat.

 Finally, the sun began to set as we approached Samos and the end of our day sailing the Aegean Sea.

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