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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Temple of Hera

On our first day trip we started by going to the ruins of the Temple of Hera, the biggest Greek temple ever built.

Next we went to a monastery up in the hills. On the way we saw a town tucked away strategically hiding it from the view of passing pirates.

At the monastery we selected and sketched gestures and stances from the frescoes to be used later in class.

After the monastery, we went to Karlovassi where we ate and went on a hike.

At one point we came to a narrow where we had to work our way up the river to a waterfall.

Just a couple of us saw the rope and decided to climb to the top of the falls. Looking down from the top we could see the others shivering as they tried to build up the courage to climb up as well.

Back in Karlovassi we ate at a restaurant called "Hippies" and some of us did some body surfing.
Finally we all boarded the bus and headed back to Pythagoreio.

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