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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Yasoo Samos, Hallo Amsterdam!

Today I got on a plane and went to Athens where I sat in the airport for 8 hours. It was there that I found out some interesting news. According to one of the guys from airport security I had no choice but to drink as much of my Jeiger as possible before boarding... so I went up to a McCafe and got started. While I was sitting there sipping away a lady from Texas came over and asked me in a suspicious whisper, "can you drink that here?" to which I responded, "It's Greece, I really don't think they care."
She asked if she could have some and I said "sure, bring your friends - I could use a little help."
She went and got her friend and we all spent the next hour or so hanging out at the cafe talking and giddily sharing a regulated substance out in the open. After I explained the airplane situation to the first lady she gave me a travel sized bottle of Johnny Walker and a coke cup. She told me that they usually don't care about coke cups and, at the very least, the travel bottle wont be a problem. After we parted ways I lined up to board my plane where they wouldn't let me board with the "coke" so I drained what was left and stepped on.

A few hours "flew" by and I landed in Amsterdam where I took the train into the city center.

On the way I tried speaking Spanish to a guy from Spain. We ended up going to a bar where I met a Texan who was thoroughly enjoying his legal prescription of green stuff then, after chatting for a bit, I went on my way.

After a few hour stroll around town I stopped for some pizza on the street and went to relax at the quietest bar I could find.

After an enjoyable drink of the local ale and a chat with the bar tender, I headed for the airport.

On the plane I dozed off a couple times but, as usual, I was awoken by the stewardesses who's passion seems to be ramming carts into any passenger that gets in their way...

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