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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Car Cruise and Kangaroos


This morning we went to St Helens Beach for a car cruise - a word-of-mouth custom muscle car gathering which, far as I can tell, was started by Cam via facebook a few years back.
We headed off from there to Portarlington and had some of the hot jam doughnuts again and from there we went to Queenscliff where all the cars regrouped.
Then we grabbed the Dingodine aka brown tortoise and met up with Paul for the start of our road trip to the outback. On the way we stopped at magnetic point for a "false flat" where you roll "uphill" and on our way through we saw a bunch of kangaroos in a paddock (field). Of course, I had to go and say g'day.

We entered New South Wales and stopped to enjoy the sunset. That night we arrived in Perry Sandhills and set up camp.

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