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Friday, January 20, 2012

G'day Geelong!


Today I woke up in an awkward position in the passenger seat of a truck. After Tank regained consciousness as well we continued driving for Melbourne. A few hours later we arrived at a stop and ate some breaky. I had mentioned chico rolls tasting like cookie dough and after I mentioned that my meat pie tasted like hamburger, Tank decided that he had heard enough insults to his country's culinary works. In that quick sarcastic manner that Aussies are known for, Tank gave me his direct dissaproval towards what was clearly a lack of taste on my part. I also had some eggs, toast and unusually large sausages (as in England, they tasted and appeared to be hot dogs). We then stopped at the HMAS Otway, a US submarine purchased by the Australian government. Apparently, I am not the only American without any sense because, according to Tank, we Americans drove this submarine up the Murray River and got stuck by Holbrook where the boat sits today. Next we headed to Melbourne to drop off his trailers full of dangerous chemicals and then over to Geelong to meet up with Robbie. 

Hmm, two options.. $147.5 for petrol (gas)!

Fair dinkum chips!
Robbie took me to his place where he had prepared extensively for my visit with all kinds of foods that he recognized as purely Australian, a double bed in my own room (complete with "doona" AKA a blanket), and even a cell phone to use - not to mention the fact that he took off ten days of work just to show me around! After taking a shower I went out and met Robbies flatmate Cam who immediately gave me a tour of his bikes, cars followed by the bay and the town where he treated me to a sub sandwich. After we all got back Robbie took me to see his family and a bunch of cool sites around the town. He showed me a golf course where and unusual amount of Kangaroos hang out while golfers put around in between them (a place not many Aussies let alone tourists ever could hope to find). After the kangaroos we went to the beach and saw some of the scenery leading up to the Great Ocean Road. Finally we got some KFC which apparently includes chips (french fries) - something that KFC is actually well known for here. Back at Robbie's we were still feeling pretty awake so we headed out again for a couple drinks. After a few bars, including one where only posh yuppies go, we went back and called it a night.

Old Time Milk Bar AKA Corner Store

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