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Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Bay and the Bats


Today I woke up, ate some crumpets with honey, and went with Robbie to get his family for a drive to Portarlington Pier. At the Pier we walked around a bit eating Portarlington hot jam doughnuts, looking at the views and, of course, the Bollards as well. Painted by a local artist named Jan Mitchell, these wooden statues number in the hundreds and exemplify many of the events in the history of Geelong. Placed all over the waterfront, and even in the airport, they all face into Geelong showing the way for any prospective Geelong tourist. On the way back from the pier Jazz almost passed out from the heat. We dropped her off back at home and headed to a hidden, out-of-the-way buffet where they had some seriously awesome food. Next we dropped off Beck and went to see the "flying foxes" (bats). Upon returning we watched as the gray headed flying foxes flew over the town from Robbie's.

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