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Saturday, January 28, 2012



Today we got up, packed our stuff and had breaky with Robbies mum who made us sausages, eggs, hamburger and toast. After eating our fill we headed out and I bought some new thongs (flip flops). After arriving in Adelaide we did one last kite session then Robbie and I went to Danielles.

We dropped off my stuff and then all of us went to the World's End Hotel for a drink. Finally, Robbie headed out to do some photography while Danielle and I stuck around for another drink. On the way back we found an Australian flag from Australia Day. Back at Danielle's we ate some pasta then walked over to her friend Liza's house and drove to the Grace Emily Hotel. We hung out with a couple others and Liza bought us a couple drinks each. After checking out the live music performance inside we headed back to sleep.

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